Holistic Based Addiction Treatment

It’s no accident that most people who attempt to conquer their drug addictions on their own end in failure. In fact, you may have tried to “get clean” yourself in the past, only to discover that you’ve ended up right back in the same situation you tried to escape. This is not because you are weak, but it’s because addiction is a multifaceted disease with deep-rooted causes that need to be effectively addressed with the help of professionals. The best way to achieve long-term sobriety is to enroll in an abstinence-based holistic program assisted by clinicians who can analyze and treat the underlying causes of your addiction. Research has shown that long-term substance abuse significantly alters brain functions in a way that persists long after an individual has “gotten clean.”


Drug Rehab That Works for You

A dedicated drug rehab program helps addicts break free from both the physical afflictions of substance abuse as well as the physiological effects. Lakeside Treatment Center treats all kinds of substance addictions including alcohol, heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, huffing gas, prescription medication, and marijuana addiction. We do this by utilizing individualized rehab plans, educational and therapy process groups, as well as individual and family therapy. Each of our clients have a personalized drug treatment program that is designed to maximize their recovery potential and increase the likelihood of a lifetime of sobriety.

Since we know that everyone is different, we also know that everyone’s experiences with addiction are different. Our trained and experienced clinicians and counselors develop a personal connection with our clients before, during, and after addiction treatment. This individual understanding helps us create a customized rehab plan that will effectively address the causes, effects, and longterm implications of your addictions.

However, in the end, our job is temporary. We can only help you identify and address the real causes of your addiction and give you the tools to effectively overcome it. And we do a very good job at this. Yet, you are the one that has to take this struggle home and cope with it every day, and it will be your responsibility to heed the lessons and clarity you’ve gained while at Lakeside and transform your life into one of sobriety and completeness. Lakeside’s drug rehab programs condition you to re-enter the “real world”, where responsible decision-making will inevitably be made by you and you alone.